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How to Study in Europe Tuition-Free

How to Study in Europe Tuition-Free: Scholarships & Tuition-Free Guides

Have you always wanted to know how to study in Europe tuition-free? Do you lack the funds to pursue your dream of studying in Europe? Do you wish you could have a world-class education that will give you lifetime qualification and opportunities across the globe? Are you looking to continue your studies without spending 5 years for a Masters Degree course that only needs 2 years?

Have you ever felt left out because you could not get somebody to sponsor you to a a college or University? It doesn’t have to be so my dear friend. Today, I will put a smile on your face. Our study in Europe scholarships  and tuition free college guides will put a smile on your face!

Did you know you can study in Europe in any of Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Luxembourg without paying tuition fees?

Imagine schooling in Europe and getting a world-recognized BSc. or MSc. or PhD degree without paying the regular huge tuition fees involved. And don’t get it twisted; when I say BSc. or MSc or PhD I mean just that.

When I say you can study for any course of choice in Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Luxembourg, I mean exactly that. No games, no mincing words. No bribing of lecturers.  You go to school to learn whatever you wish to become, not buy lecturer’s textbooks for 4 -5 years without learning anything.

Your duty is to pay absolute attention to the rest of this message and between now and the next few months, your admission letter, student visa/study permit could be in your hands ready to fly to Europe legitimately. No smuggling, no illegal border crossing, no nonsense here! This 2015 is your year. So Claim it now!

You enter Europe and earn respect from the minute you touch the ground over there. Students are well respected and highly obliged and favored in Europe.

You meet people, undergo your study, collect your degree, stay back to work to further your studies or return home or go elsewhere in the world. A European degree is your passport to all countries of the world. So how in the world is it possible to study abroad tuition-free? I must be honest with you, the day I found out about the possibility of studying in Europe without paying tuition, I nearly wept.

This is because I have been receiving Master’s degree admissions from U.K universities since 2003 but was never lucky to get the sponsorship needed to obtain my student visa to the U.K. My first admission was offered by University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. They gave me MSc. Environmental Biogeochemistry. I went on to secure not less than 12 other MSc Degree admissions in the U.K and one from the Netherlands (MBA in Environmental & Energy Management, also 2003).

When I was on a vacation trip to the U.K in 2007, I went physically to deposit GBP 500 to one of the schools that offered me an MSc. admission.  Upon returning home to apply for the student visa, that deposit plus the other financial evidences I could muster were not just enough to convince them at the U.K embassy that I could finance the study.

So you can imagine my frustration. Up till 2012, I had an admission for MSc. Oil and Gas Operations Management in a U.K university and deferred this admission twice till 2014 all because of lack of funds. I can show the documents to all these claims and many I have omitted to not take your time or shift focus. I might have even uploaded a few right here on this website.

So imagine how I felt the day I got to know about this How to Study in Europe Tuition-Free opportunity. Now to the question; how is it possible for you to study as a foreigner in Europe without paying tuition? Considering that tuition fee for a one year masters degree course in U.K can be as high as GBP 10,000GBP 11,550, it is understandable if you doubt the possibility of getting the same quality of education free of tuition…in Europe for that matter!

But here is the truth: Universities in many European countries are funded by the government so students of such universities don’t need to pay tuition fees for them to study there. 

And here is the good news: This tuition-free study is open to both European and non-European nationals!

The challenge is, it can be very competitive since people from all over the world try their luck with the opportunity. Another good news again for you however is that when you follow how to study in Europe tuition-free guidelines step by step (that I am about to reveal to you), you will join many other non-European people who are currently changing their destiny in Europe by studying in these Universities without paying a dime or paying very minimal fees for tuition.

The countries of focus are Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg and Iceland. Also included is information on scholarships to study in Australia, U.K and the USA! A student visa to any of the above mentioned European countries grant you entry permit to 24 other countries in Europe because the visa you will process and obtain when you have been admitted is Schengen visa.

Soon, BSc, MSc & PhD admissions will open in tuition-Free colleges/universities in Germany & Austria. Also MSc & PhD admissions are currently open in tuition-free universities in Norway & Finland.

No application fees!

No IELTS or TOEFL (except Finland)!

No age restrictions!

No need to learn their languages to get admission!

Early application is highly recommended! You will make yourself a happy person by giving How to study in Europe Tuition-Free guides a trial. You have nothing to loose if you give this opportunity a trial. There are many Africans & International students like you who travelled to Europe with the help of our How to study in Europe Tuition-Free guides, and are currently studying in Europe Tuition-Free. You too can study in Europe tuition-free like them!

To accomplish this, you need to know how to process your Admission & Visa successfully, the names of the Tuition-Free Universities, the Courses available, Application forms etc. That’s why you need a guide so that you save time and money.


What will you get from our Study In Europe Tuition-Free package? You will lay your hands on the same information people pay heavily for. In fact, you will get more because I have seen many people paying almost $5000 just to obtain a two week visitor visa. Unknown to them, visitor visa is so limiting. But with a student visa or study permit, the sky is your limit. Rather than experience barriers and restrictions, the opposite is the case. You have the opportunity to work, move freely, enjoy some basic communal services free or halved when you show your student card etc.

So when you get the Study In Europe Tuition-Free package, you will get access to our study abroad scholarships  and tuition free universities guides – a unique package that you can’t find elsewhere! You will have the following delivered to you so you can start processing your admission and student visa on your own:

Study in Germany Tuition Free Guide

Format: PDF.   No of Pages: 234

Study in Finland Tuition Free Guide

Format: PDF    No of Pages: 120


Study in Iceland Tuition Free Guide

Format: PDF    No of Pages: 35


Study in Norway Tuition Free Guide

Format: PDF    No of Pages: 101


Study in Austria Low Tuition Guide

Format: PDF.   No of Pages: 53


Study in Luxembourg Low Tuition Guide

Format: PDF     No of Pages: 57


Here’s the detail of what you get in all the above 6 guides:

  • The tuition-free universities in each school and addresses

  • The admission dates and deadlines for each school

  • Specific admission requirements for each university

  • Specific student visa/work permit information for each country

  • Step by step guide on how to apply for admission and student visa

Study in Australia On Scholarship Guide

Format: PDF      No of Pages: 28


Study in the U.K On Scholarship Guide

Format: PDF      No of Pages: 35


Study in the U.S On Scholarship Guide

Format: PDF      No of Pages: 21


That’s not all, you will also get at least 22 other vital documents and forms that are vital to your successful study abroad mission. One of them is the comprehensive

Getting Your Visa Approved  Without Delay Guide

Format: PDF  No of Pages: 31

You should never attempt to apply for your visa without first going through this 31 page guide.

From the editable MS Word samples of vital admission documents like European CV to the very form you fill for work permit for student, every document you need have been made available to you.

This is a combination of information many people are willing to pay $100,000 or more for, but today, we are practically giving them away to you.

What is separating you and Europe in this 2016 is our How to Study in Europe Tuition-Free pack. The pack contains files of valuable study abroad scholarships  and tuition free information! Look, you don’t need to pay any agent huge amount of money anymore. I can beat my chest and balls and tell you that any day. Just download all these files, follow the steps and fill the forms and you are good to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Reasons why you should study abroad:

  • You get a world-recognized degree so you’re a global brand
  • Standard facilities and teaching techniques
  • You lecturers are qualified and friendly, not a bunch of witch- hunting sadists
  • You are no longer confined to your own country
  • You are entitled to work while you study
  • You study in English, a language you are already used to
  • You can continue your study immediately to earn a higher degree
  • Get an edge over fellow job seekers especially during interview for a big company job
  • No persistent strikes that turn a 4 year program to a 7 year program
  • Travel to U.S.A, U.K, Canada or any part of the world any time,
  • Invite your friends and family to visit you


See, the sky is the beginning for you if you take my sensible steps to study in Europe today.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have obtained a BSc, MSc or even PhD in your country. As long as you cannot use the Degree to get your dream job and live the quality live you deserve, as long as you cannot present the certificate and be marketable with it outside of your country, you are as good as somebody without a degree. That’s the bitter truth. I don’t know how else to say it so it won’t hurt you.

Furthermore, if you reading this happens to be a fresh or even old secondary school graduate, thank your stars and act fast. Don’t let the unpredictable socio-political climate of your country shape your destiny. It almost shaped mine but thank God I got this opportunity. Don’t gamble your future or that of your children.

If you have children or relatives who can benefit from this opportunity, get this package and give to them or use it for them. No amount of money you give them will ever replace this lifetime opportunity you are getting from me.

Get the the Study In Europe Tuition-Free package today.

 How much does the package cost?

Quite frankly, the information contained in this package is priceless. You and I know that. And if I should charge based on that fact, it won’t be fair because I know you really want to take advantage of this opportunity. Considering the fact that there are still a couple of inevitable but very affordable processing expenses you will incur in the process of obtaining your admission and study visas, I have decided to help you by selling the package to you at very low cost.

You can still get it at our promo price if you order today before I work out the final price with my manager.

How To Order

Send an email to to request your copy today!

Don’t deceive yourself with statements like “I don’t have money now”.

That has killed so many people’s dreams of having quality education. They see a life-changing opportunity and shun it or say, I will do it later or I don’t have money now, even when they go to blow a lot of money on unproductive activities.

If you don’t do this and take advantage of this opportunity now that you can, it won’t stop me from selling to others. Heaven won’t fall down. And nothing terrible will happen!

But the truth is, in a few years time, you will most likely wonder what got into your head that you did not grab the opportunity. I have seen this happen time and time again. It is better to try than not try at all and regret for the rest of your life. Don’t let this happen to you!

I’m waiting to hear positive testimony from you some day in life, not regrets.
Take that bold step today. Grab your copy of the How to Study In Europe Tuition-Free package today!

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